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For all those wtf (where's the fundi?!) moments...



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Who are we???

Fundi Squad provides services for all your residential maintenance requirements which include plumbing, bathrooms, drain clearing, electrics, appliance installation and repairs, carpentry, roofing, tiling, lifting and shifting of furniture, furniture assembly, garden work, interior furnishings and much much more. 

A transparent charging system at competitive and economical rates allows Fundi Squad to give you a safe, secure and guaranteed Fundi service. Fundi Squad's workforce of highly experienced tradesmen from plumbing, electricians and general handymen will be there for all your WTF (Where's The Fundi) moments.



I had a broken sink in need of urgent fix. I called Fundi Squad explained to them the issue, gave them my house keys and they got it fixed chap chap whilst I was at work. No hassles, no long stories, no supervision, nothing missing.... just a clean fix. Its such relief to know that there’s a reliable team of fundis in the area. Love them!!
— Densu Moseti
I sent them a message in the evening about some plumbing works I needed done. They responded and were at my house the next day, kept me updated on progress and managed to get everything fixed w/out me having to deal with all sorts of issues and be out of the house before I even got home!
It was great as I am stuck at work for a majority of my day and early evening and the guest toilet has been broken for 3 WEEKS while I have been too busy to get it sorted!
Would recomend to anyone to give them a call!
— Monique Brown


We only work with the best materials available and provide a 3 month guarantee on all labor. We never compromise quality for time and give our clients realistic schedules that accommodate their lives. We strive for honest customer service, so contracts are only paid in full when the finished work is to your complete satisfaction.


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About us

Sola and Tana

Kenyan born, Sola has been a consultant on African issues, both developmental and commercial to Government and UK based industry – working across all sectors from infrastructure planning to identifying investment opportunities on the continent.

She is always on the lookout for a good fundi.

Tana has lived in Kenya her whole life leaving only for university.  Tana has worked in the past for her family's drilling company in South Sudan giving her a wealth of knowledge in the fundi arena!